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Dutch Royal Army - R&D "Project Morpheus"


Intership lead game developer.


Project Morpheus is a proof-of-concept addition to the current teaching method of the radar vehicle "MilSatCom".


How can we give YOU more confidence to do your job under pressure or unfamiliar places?


that`s the question we wanted to answer with Project Morpheus.

we did so by making a VR training environment with the Manus VR Gloves.


The project has been approved by the client and will be going through further development.

House of Secrets "Kin"


Intership AI programming and proof of concepting programming.


Kin is a VR puzzle platformer game with combat elements that will have the player traverse the remnants of an ancient civilization on a distant planet. Throughout your journey through alien landscapes, a story will unfold.


In the gameplay trailer you can see the different kinds of enemies I made or worked on. ( More pictures coming after full release.)


I just want to thank Sven Neve and Arjan van Meerten for this amazing opportunity to be able to work on Kin.

I have learned so much about designing and programming!


May Kin release and sale well! You have earned and deserved it!

MiniMech Studios "SmartKicks"!


SmartKicks is a game that we made at the Summer Game Dev 2016. The theme was football and our client was Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre.

Jaarbeurs is planning a football event. At the event there will be a Fun-zone. They wanted us to think of a game/app that can be used at the fun zone.


So we decided to make a game that requires physical movement to play the game. It`s a sports event so it would make sense to make a game that made you move! In the week of development, we made an app version of it. But in the “more info” below I will talk about the whole idea!


my part: player controller, camera movement, score.


Time: 5 days (10 am – 10pm)

Engine: Unity

Language: C#


Developers: David Zwitser and Raymon Zoetigheid

Artists: David Tikwa


Designer: Tagor Enguidanos and Ivo Geelhoed

CEO/manager: Sebastián Baez



Don`t Wake Me Up!

This is a 2D Tower defence game and as the name says, 'Don`t wake me up.’

There is a kid is in his bed who doesn`t want to go to school. So he builds pencil harpoons, marble catapults and Lego bricks (obstacles). Preventing his mother from kicking him out of the bed. But his mother comes prepared with an army of walking alarm clocks.


My part in this project was game designing as well as programming everything and leading the team.


Time: 4 weeks

Engine: Unity

Language: C#


Developer: Raymon Zoetigheid


Artists: Floris Huisman,Robin heijn

Cordaan "Boom der Herinnering"

This project is a collaboration between Mediacollege and UVA university.

Our client is Cordaan, Cordaan aims to help anyone in need of care, support or assistance. Elderly people with dementia or physical ailments, children and adults with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems.


The "Boom der Herinnering” is a fake tree with a lot of hardware in it to help the people with dementia remember memories from the past. Triggering their long-term memory to come up again.


Time: 4 weeks

Engine: Unity

Language: C#


My part: Camera movement, Server setup for the images, Images scaling. (Github)


Developers: Armin Karimi Birgani, Raymon Zoetigheid

Artists: Jidske Donkersloot, Casper Oostdam


UVA students: Isabella Wentink, Hendrik Engelbrecht, Paul Schrijver


This is a 2D game that we made in a game jam. We had 24 hours and the theme was connecting.

So we made a game where you have to connect crystals with each other by reflecting light through them.


My part in this project was making sure everything fits together, user input,

code combining, a lot of bug fixing, leading the team and presenting.


Time: 24 hours

Engine: Unity

Language: C#


Developers: Jordi Prummel, David Zwitser, Nathan Nieuwenhuizen, Raymon Zoetigheid

Artists: Beau van Boxtell , Bo Schutte , Jidske Donkersloot, Ellen Sneek

Trial of an Argonaut

A 3D fighter game where you fight against a bronze bull that charges and spits fire!

The idea behind this games was the Myth Jason and the argonauts.

Where he had to fight a bull named Khalkotauroi to gain his rightful throne!


My part in this game was the AI of Khalkotauroi (the bronze bull).

To do this I used a state machine so we could easily add new attacks or behaviours.


Time: 8 weeks

Engine: Unity

Language: C#



Developers: Jordi Prummel, Jeffrey Laarman, Thomas Knauff, Raymon Zoetigheid

Artists: Thijs Bruineman, Kevin Weppner , Tim Blom, Lean Kreijne, Maurits de Bruijn