About me

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Phone: (+31)6 114 161 69

Mail: raymonzoetigheid (@) hotmail.com

Hello and thank you for viewing my portfolio!

My name is Raymon Zoetigheid and I am a game development student at Mediacollege Amsterdam.


I love being creative, either making games or playing games.

Learning new ways of expressing my creativity is what I like doing.


I have worked on different projects and almost all of them I have taken it on me to be the team leader. I like working in teams even though it doesn`t work out all the time. But that is a new learning experience for the next project!


What I enjoy doing is experimenting with different hardware (such as Oculus rift, motion sensors, etc.) and programming AI.


In my free time I play a lot of card games (hearthstone, magic the gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh), board games (Warhammer etc.) and of course computer games. I have larped and played regularly Dungeon and Dragons.


If you want to contact me;


Phone: (+31)6 114 161 69

Skype: raymonzoetigheid

Mail: raymonzoetigheid (@) hotmail.com