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Cordaan "Boom der Herinnering"

This project is a collaboration between Mediacollege and UVA university.

Where the student of UVA university designs a game/application for a client and the students of Mediacollege produces the designed game/application.

Our client is Cordaan, Cordaan aims to help anyone in need of care, support or assistance. Elderly people with dementia or physical ailments, children and adults with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems.


The "Boom der Herinnering” is a fake tree with a lot of hardware in it to help the people with dementia remember things from the past. Triggering their long-term memory to come up again.


How we triggered the long-term memory was by showing a patient photos from the past and representing the season that the foto was taken.


What i mean with that is; having the fake tree resemble a specific season. Like in the summer their is a lot of sunlight on the tree. So with LED`s we mimiced the light in the leaves.

We wanted to mimic the smell of summer or winter. But we didnt have a huge budget for the scent generators. So we used those bathroom sprays to usertest the idea.

We played music and sounds that resemble the season.

Because music helps enormously with triggering long-term memory.


But the project is far from done.

We want to make a website/server so that family members can upload the photos and songs that will be shown and played.


I would like to keep a record of who uses the tree. So that it can help researchers more about the different stadiums of dementia.



We tested the tree with a Alzheimer patient.

It showed a lot of potential. We were told that he was normally very active.

But onces he saw his foto`s and the tree. He became more at ease and could recognize his wife and dog. He spend 20-30 minutes sitting infront of it. Enjoying the foto`s and talking about his wife and pets.