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Our team was quite a multicultural one, which was real fun! And it tested my English vocabulary.

David Tikwa comes from Belgium. Tagor Enguidanos comes from Ibiza but lives in Groningen. Sebastián Baez comes from Argentina but is living in Amsterdam for 8 years now.

David Zwitser, Ivo Geelhoed and me, Raymon Zoetigheid are born and raised in the Netherlands.


But that isn`t really important. The more important thing is what game we decided to make for Jaarbeurs!

Our concept is, “A behavioural applied game based on football that asks two players to move and work together to reach the highest possible score.”.

Because it`s an event where there are a lot of people. We wanted to make a game for two players so that more people can enjoy it together and it forces teamwork with someone you know or someone you don`t know, so an interaction with each other is needed.


The game will be played on the event, since it`s easy to setup it can be played on (for example) football clubs or other sport clubs. Because the only thing that you need are some railings, a camera and one or two beamers.

The camera will record your position that is transferred as coordinates in the game so the characters move to the position that you are at! The beamers are for the show to game on the ground (we tested running back and forth while looking at the wall. But it`s easier to look at the ground while playing.) and one beamer shows the game on the wall so spectators can see it as well.


The goal of the game is to pass the ball through a formation of objects to the other player.

And that is done by moving in real life to the right position and cooperate with the other player!

We thought of different modes of play. If the queue is big we wanted do one-minute playtime time to get as many passes as you can get.

But also a version that is endless where if you fail 3 passes you’re out.


As revenue we thought about trying to get sponsors from health organisations. Because the game is very physical it improves the health of the children and others that play the game.

we checked prices for renting equipment for two days. Or actually purchase everything so it can be reusable for future events. So that they can choice which of the option the company wants to use.

And we thought about selling the licenses to third parties (like football clubs and other health foundations).