Project Morpheus

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Project Morpheus

Internship at "Research and Development" Dutch Royal Army.

Project Morpheus is a proof-of-concept addition to the current teaching method for different kinds of vehicles. How can we give YOU more confidence to do your job under pressure or unfamiliar places?


The reason why this training simulation is VR. Is because we want to give the user a fully immersed experience as if he is really being sent out on the field.


That is also the reason why we use the ManusVR gloves.

We don`t want the user fiddling with controllers if we already have

controllers that nature gave us, our hands.


Project Morpheus adds so much to the current teaching method.

We can send the trainees to different surroundings without leaving

the classroom.

Making them think; where should I be and why?


Also it saves a lot of money if the trainees "destroys" the vehicle in VR

then in real life.




presenting project Morpheus at the Wapen informatie dagen.